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Roman-Catholic All Saint’s Church 

There is a Romanic church built back in the 12th century located in Valaliky. Through the initial stages of its  vibrant history, this temple had been twice rebuilt in a wooden Gotic church and  into a brick-built church respectively. The church with its distinctive wooden bell-tower had been used by Calvinists until 1695. There was a medieval Crypt beneath the church. Following rapid increase in the number of believers, the church underwent extensive process of rebuilding twice more with substantial alterations featuring architectonic trends of barocco and neoclassicism. Several minor restorations took place since then resulting in its contemporary appearance finished in 2011, 4 years after its interior’s reconstruction and inauguration in 2007.


The Professor Hlavac Park

The Professor Hlavac Park is situated in the central part of Valaliky right in front of the church. The main architect of the park is Ing. Arch. Martin Drahovsky. In 2011 the park underwent reconstruction which was co-financed by the EU. Worth mentioning is the old clergyman's house standing close to the park.


The Betlehem Crib of Valaliky

The Betlehem Crib was first installed in December 2007 in the Professor Hlavac Park. This wooden artwork was designed by the major architect of Valaliky Ing. Arch. Martin Drahovsky in collaboration with Ing. Skumanicova. The statues were made by woodcarvers Ladislav Stano Sr., Stanislav Polek and Jan Krajci. The Betlehem Crib is annually open for public from December to January.


Little spring wells

There is a terrain break stretching itself from north to south alongside the municipality of Valaliky, just between a river terrace and a bottom land of the river  Hornad. At several spots of this terrain break the ground water reaches the land surface thus creating springs, a.k.a. little spring wells. The best known is the one in boroughs of Buzice- Corgov and two others in boroughs of Kostany.


The Buzice Cemetery

The Buzice Cemetery was divided into two parts due to construction of the broad gauge railway back in the 1950’s. The southern part belonging to cadastral area of the municipality Valaliky serves as a  place of eternal rest by now whereas the northern part doesn’t. Even though this sight is no longer being used as a cemetery, you can find here proudly standing the noble Diossy family monument as an exclamation mark saying the history can not be erased.


Table Tennis Club Valaliky

Sport no. 1 in Valaliky is not football or ice hockey as you would probably anticipate, but table tennis. Around 60 youngsters train everyday in the Sports Hall. Valaliky women’s squad have been taking pride  for  playing the first division of the Slovak Table Tennis League over long years now.